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Aiko Espinoza Design by schris91 Aiko Espinoza Design by schris91
Character Designs for Aiko Espinoza, younger half sister and sidekick to Selene. Skilled at aerial combat, ship repair, and explosives. Not the best shot in the galaxy, she had to attach a pick-axe style guide to her blaster to help her aim. A snarky and flirtatious young girl, out of the group, she is the most likely to come up with "creative" (read, explosive) solutions to any sticky situation.

Her name is half Japanese half Latina but that doesn't necessarily imply that's what she is, this far into the future, names are just names and through the cross-culture of the galaxy, lose their origins. However, Selene and her are designed to have mixed ethnicity looks.

Left side is Ai at work on her fighter, the Black Nightingale
Colored is her with a collar and a vest, I am kinda getting attatched to drawing her with a collar, however that's how I wanted Selene and I need to differentiate their styles more so we'll see.
The two others are her with a holo-compass of Valora/ Zimbala Outpost (bottom) and her in a low temperature outfit.(top)
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November 6, 2012
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