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Det. Sheriff Tylon Cale Pencils by schris91 Det. Sheriff Tylon Cale Pencils by schris91
Character design for the typical outfit worn by Region 26-CB Detective Sheriff Tylon Cael.
Rocking dual Tri-Barrel revolvers and his favorite black shirt with a pair of stitched on blue wings.

Detective Sheriff is a position in the Galactic Union, it gives the authority of a police commander and also pays the Det. Sheriff by commission per cases closed in a cycle. Tylon Cael is an ex-ATC (All Terrain Commando) along with the only survivors of his unit, Curt L'mann, Virgil Grimm, and Selene Espinoza. The ATC's were highly trained in land, air, and naval battle strategies, that were trained witht he purpose of being able to deploy into any circumstance and instantly change the tide of the battle. However massive casualties caused a stop to the ATC training program.

After he stuck his nose a little too far into investigation of 213 missing Valoran colonies, Cael was appointed to the position, stationed in region 26-CB , the CarbonBelt region of Gaea-3, an earth-like moon in the Aurikan planetary system halfway across the galaxy. A huge desolate region containing only one major city and port among 1000 square miles of land, someone clearly hoped the job's commission would keep him preoccupied and out of major Union investigation.

Det. Cael lives as the calm before the storm. He typically is able to keep his cool, but when something finally sets him off, he loses some of his finesse and skill. Luckily for him, brute strength and Tri-Barrel revolvers can often make up for lost finesse.

Ty is one of the trio which start the story off, for reference. Ty, Noa Orano, and Karina Jett are the first of the crew we meet. Ty isn't the main character, per se, but sort of shares that with Noa.

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